Laboratory Direct

Elite Support International is dedicated to providing the clinical laboratory and their primary providers with the highest value per dollar refurbished equipment and/or maintenance service available anywhere in the national and global marketplace.   

Elite Support is dedicated to providing equal to but primarily better than products and services than the manufacturer at a fraction of the cost.

Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation Supported:


  • Siemens Healhcare Diagnostics, Inc, . Dimension series EXL, EXL_LM, EXL 200, RXL Max, RXL, Xpand, Xpand Plus
  • Beckman Coulter, AU400, AU480
  • Mindray, BS-200, BS-380
  • Roche Diagnostic Systems Inc. COBAS MIRA L, S, and PLUS Series
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics,  

    VITROS®  350, 

    VITROS®  250


  • Abbott Laboratories,  CD1500, CD1600, CD1700, CD1800, CD3000, CD3200, CD3500
  • Beckman Coulter, COULTER®"T" Series, MD series, STKS, STKR, Gen·S™, MAXM™, Ac·T™ Series. Hmx, LH Series
  • Medonic, CA620, M Series
  • Mindray BC-3200, BC-2800
  • Sysmex Corp. KX-21


  • Stago, STA Compact, STA Compact CT
  • Sysmex, CA Series, CA500 Series, CA600 Series, CA1500, , CA7000
  • Trinity Biotech,  Destiny Plus,  AMAX CS-190, CS-200
  • MLA  1000 , 1400, 1600, 1800
  • ACL 100,  ACL 1000, ACL 3000

There are many other brands and types of equipment serviced by our shareholder companies. If you are experiencing difficulties with a particular device please call, we may be able to help. Remember Elite Support is a true "Solution Provider"