The Elite Laboratory Instrumentation Technical and Engineering support companies from around the globe welcome you Elite Support International, LLC.

Elite Support Inc. is a company established by the foremost leading Independent Service and Equipment Manufacturers in the United States.  By all industry and customer standards these independents are considered "the cream of the crop" . Each Independent Company owns shares of Elite Support Inc. and has physical and financial stake in its day to day operations. Departments within Elite Support are actually companies. Our family of companies make up our departments which make up Elite Support International.  We are fortunate to have a management staff with Fortune 500 company experience.

We have the technical depth, the operational experience, and the dedication necessary to provide superior products and support at an exceptional value.

Elite Support provides technical support services, field service support, maintenance support throughout the United States and many places in Europe and South America.  Our teams support original equipment manufacturers and distributors as well as directly to the laboratory. We can provide temporary or extended support staff and well as instrument based contract maintenance.

Our group of leading Independent Service and Equipment Manufacturers provide  new and remanufactured clinical laboratory equipment, supplies and reagent directly to the laboratory.

Elite Support maintains a central Technical Support Center. This Center develops the procedures and standards for our Field engineers throughout our family. Elite's National Toll Free Hotline connects to our central Technical Assistance Center, which is staffed with experienced Senior Field Engineers. TAC will either directly handle the call or connect the call to a national specialist. Every HELP call will be attended to by a Engineer within 30 minutes of placement, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.